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Jay Kidwell, the owner and operater at THE CARBURETOR SHOP and Mile High Performance and Dyno tuning since 1986
utilizes a 2000hp chassis Dyno to get the most out of your motor and will tune, run, re-tune until max performance is reached. 

* We service mainly carbureted cars.

anything before 1985 domestic and imports

That what sets him apart from the rest.  


Get the most horsepower, torque and drive-ability out of your vehicle. Whether you bring us your sweet 16’s car, or your grandpa’s old Stovebolt, we perform the maintenance needed, with the spirit of improvement. Use only high quality parts and do it right the first time.



We will breathe new life into your old carburetor. Services like re-calibrate idle & transition circuits, optimize accelerator pump operation and maximize full throttle operation for low & high RPM situations, Just to name a few.



The service we perform the most. If your motor is a monster, or only slightly modified, we will be sure to match your carburetor tune with your unique build, and driving style.



Where all the pieces come together. Whenever we dial-in, rebuild, or performance tune, we suggest time on the DYNO. Our 2000HP Chassis Dyno will ensure our work has results.

Please text 


for carburetor rebuild walkin off the car m-f

noon to six

no Throttle bodies

Open Hours:
MONDAY - FRIDAY​​​​ 11 to 6

When you entrust us with your vehicle, we kindly request that you prepare it for the best experience possible. Prior to your appointment, we ask that you ensure your car has an adequate fuel supply. This small but crucial detail allows us to focus on what we do best – enhancing your vehicle's performance without unnecessary delays.

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